Wall Putty Machines

We are in the manufacturing of putty machines. These machines are available in different features. We also deal in Wall Putty Spray Machine and other related machines. Contact us to know about quality and price of these machines.

Wall Putty machnes consists of transmission parts, double ribbon agitators and U-shape cylinder. In the direction of rotation, the outer ribbon pushes materials from both ends to the middle, while the inner ribbon pushes materials from the middle to both ends. Ribbon wind with different angle direction carries the materials flowing in different directions. Through continuous convective circulation, the materials are sheared and mixed thoroughly and quickly.


Discharge mode Manual, electric or pneumatic
Sealing mode of shaft Packing seal, packing seal & air seal, mechanical seal
Material Carbon steel, the part contacting with materials(SS304/SS316L), all stainless steel (SS304/SS316L) or inside coating.
Opening of cylinder Standard flange, dust collector port, manual charge port, or cleaning door on side of cylinder
Discharge valve Cylinder valve or flap valve
Other Spraying liquid/Spraying fog, heat/cool, dust collection/vacuum, temporary sampling.

Application Industry for Machine

  • Coating And Paint IndustriesWe, at Tipco Engineering offer comprehensive paint and coating solutions to engineering procedures
  • Printing InksThe packaging of industrial products requires your company signature, which is your company brand name.
  • Dyes And PigmentsDyes are used for coloring fibers and other industrial materials. The dyes are categorized into two broad types

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